For major part of my current artistic practice I take a place or a site as a point of departure. Through the site-specific orientation I’m mapping the intersections between sculptural practice, architecture and space, the ruptures or breaking points the work of art is able to generate in the surrounding space or in the spatial experience of the viewer. Here, both the space these objects occupy and the space that surrounds them are of essential importance.

I am looking into the processes of production of meaning and imagery by adapting forms, constructions and representations of reality that surrounds us. I seek to address questions of how we experience, construct and recreate spaces around us, challenging our relationships with systems and structures that are at work in our day-to-day environment, and that frame and direct our actions and interactions. 

I’m attempting to adopt a critical yet playful attitude, diverting and deconstructing the familiar, everyday objects and preconceived notions by means of video and three-dimensional practice. These playful explorations often rise from a collision between subjective experience or endeavor and its surroundings. Such deformations of the meaning and purpose of things, while at the same time using and retaining their formal qualities does not result in destruction. The aim, rather, is a fresh configuration and an alteration of meaning, that
generate spaces and scenes of disruption.